If you are the owner of exclusive rights to any material links which are available on this site, and you don't wish that this information was distributed without your consent, we with pleasure will agreed to assist you and we will remove the corresponding links from the site. Please note, that КИНО ТУТ dont store any movies and TV shows on the servers. We use only open source movie links founded on web.

For this purpose you need to send the letter in electronic form with the following information: 
  • The document testifying the existence at you exclusive rights to material, published on the website: it can be the scanned copy with the press or contact information which allows to identify you as the owner of exclusive rights to the corresponding materials. 
  • The text which you would like to place in an explanation for users of the fact of removal of information from the site. It can contain data on where and under what conditions it is possible to receive materials links on which were removed from the site.
  • Direct references on pages of a resource information with which is subject to removal. Links have to be of this kind of link/.html or similar to this.
You will receive the answer within some hours or no later than 4 working days after letter was send.
Please use "Contact Us" form to send copyright complain - Click here.

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